It comes naturally to us

  • Hikes and special activities throughout the day
  • Outings and field trips to all of our special secret places
  • Run and play in our back yard creek, and splash around in our pools (only during warmer weather)
  • Specialty food items served up in the morning and evening for your dog’s pleasure

Private … for dogs only

Happy Hound Hotel is a private getaway exclusively for dogs. In order to keep our environment stress-free and happy for our guests, we do not accept unannounced visitors. You will not find directions on our website. You must call ahead to arrange a time to come out and visit us. During busy times and holidays, our availability may be limited.

Fun, fun and more fun!

At Happy Hound Hotel, our dogs NEVER have time to be bored. They run, play, swim (weather permitting), and socialize throughout the day. We provide personal one-on-one attention, total interactive playtimes, and a regular afternoon “happy hour”, where each dog will be indulged with specialty cookies and delightful doggie delicacies. They will have SO much fun, they will “beg” you to bring them back!

We can guarantee that your dog(s) will have a blast out here. We can’t, however, guarantee that they won’t get dirty. We do make a HUGE attempt to clean everyone up, but sometimes they just need more. So, if you’d like your hound to be all sparkly and spiffy when you pick him or her up, we have a full-service mobile grooming van that will come right to our door, and bathe, trim, cut nails, clean ears, express glands, brush, and dry your pooch. Your dog will be happy, tired, and clean!